Local Area Networks (LAN)

Local area networks (LANs) provide connectivity to the user’s desktop. Capitol Communications partners with Extreme Networks, and Brocade to provide LAN, VLAN, backbone, copper and fiber connectivity. We provide switches capable of supporting 10 Mbps, 100Mbps, Gigabit/1000 Mbps, and 10 Gigabit transmissions across your network.

Wide Area Networks (WAN)

Wide area networks (WANs) provide connectivity between locations in your campus, across town or between cities. Capitol Communications partners with Adtran to provide a WAN infrastructure by enabling VPNs for site-to-site and remote access connections and accelerating applications over existing WAN links and newer IP services connections. Adtran carries a comprehensive portfolio of enterprise-class networking equipment designed to lower costs in your network without compromising performance or reliability. These solutions address today’s highest networking priorities.

Security Products

LAN and WAN security products provide extra protection for your most valuable asset, your business information. Securing and protecting your network is critical to prevent unwanted attacks from internal and external sources.

Our partnership with eSoft provides us with appliances and devices to protect your network.

Wireless Networking

Capitol Communications provides equipment and expertise in wireless networking installations. Our primary wireless vendor is Meru Networks. Our Meru certified wireless engineers will work with you to create a wireless LAN to fit your networking needs.

Meru is a leader in workplace mobility infrastructure for demanding wireless voice (VoIP), data, and video applications, Meru’s standards-based wireless networks provide a business-critical solution that’s both simple to deploy and easy to maintain.

Network Optimization

A10 Networks makes high-performance products that help organizations of all sizes accelerate, optimize and secure their applications. A10 has three product families in its portfolio: the AX Series advanced traffic manager; the EX Series bandwidth management appliance with identity; and the ID Series network management appliances. Each product family is based on a high-performance appliance platform that is architected for today’s and tomorrow’s applications, enabling multiple features to run on a single appliance without compromising performance.

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